Frequently asked questions

Do you search Dutch or international candidates?

We are rooted in the Netherlands and bring a vast network of Dutch candidates. But we are equally experienced in bringing candidates from all over the work to work for our clients in the Netherlands.

Do you work for start-up companies?

Some of our clients often bring a heritage of many decades, some are more than hundred years old. But we are equally proud of the people that we placed for much younger companies or the ones that start from scratch.

Do you also search people in Lima, Oslo or Beijing?

Our Kestria network has offices in 90+ cities, 40+ countries and 6 continents. With our one-stop-shop concept we search and find executive talent in literally every corner of the world.

Do you work for family business, stock listed or PE funded firms?

Our work is not a one-size-fits all. Each business model, structure or culture needs a tailor-made approach. Our consultants bring proven track records in all type of businesses.

What expertise you bring in diversity & inclusion?

Our experts know how important diversity & inclusion is for your organization. Besides gender and cultural diversity we can help you also integrating various generations and leadership styles into your teams.

Other questions?