Boardroom Consultancy

"Leadership is about vision, about seeing what is needed."

The vast majority of executive and non-executive leaders believe that a fresh leadership style is economically relevant. In other words: it pays off to keep working on your boardroom performance. And if it is better for your organization, why not start doing this today?


Organizations that embrace New Governance are better prepared for the future. The tangible benefits for these organizations are remarkable. New Governance helps you to: 


A Boardroom scan will give you and your organization a clear insight how to develop a pragmatic and tailor made approach towards a future proof team. This scan will not take place in terms of good or bad, but in terms of different and better


If you want to make your organization economically more relevant, why not start today?



Patrick Westerburger is a former Board President of Kestria. Kestria is the largest executive search alliance, which gives him a clear insight in the key success factors of organizations around the world. He is an expert in cross cultural leadership and diversity and inclusion in organizations

Mildred Hofkes is a founder of the New Governance movement in the Netherlands and organizer of the Annual Reputation Congress. Mildred is bringing her innovative governance expertise into boardrooms of both profit and non-profit organizations. Her unique approach and hands on methods help organizations quickly to adapt to positive change.

What others say

“Reputation management should be on top of the CEO agenda.” Natascha Verdurmen, Edelman Global PR.
“We recognize the trend that executive and non-executive leaders do want to change but do not know where to start." Camiel Vermeulen, Nieuw Bestuur.
“Leadership is about vision, about seeing what is needed." Godfried IJsseling, de Baak.
“If you’re used to act based on monthly reports, year plans and KPI’s then you might be overwhelmed by disruptive, innovation, millenniums that require authentic leadership, clients that ask you to give meaning in what you do and continuously changing high tech developments.” Gerard van Vliet, NCD.

Is your Boardroom future proof? Start your Boardroom Scan today.